Snow Angel for my Snow Angel


It’s been a bit quiet on the blogging front recently, although not in the KfP household as No 1 daughter has been preparing to get married. The big day was Saturday – in a field in Essex – and she looked beautiful.

But as Mother-of-the-Bride it (apparently) fell to me to organise:
1) the cake – thank you so much Christine at La Lavande for the most beautiful wedding cake in the world. Everyone thought the roses were real – not sugar
2) the food – thank you to Em the Gem, daughter 2, bridesmaid and trusty kitchen side-kick
3) garters – how can you forget the “blue” (to go with the old, new and borrowed) until 48 hours before the big day???
4) confetti – ditto
5) the other useful stuff which everyone else forgets (selotape, scissors, kitchen wipes and towel, etc). Forgot to take my own towel but I did have two rolls of the paper stuff
6) the veil – she wore my Juliet cap and veil, a mere 33 years old this year
7) the shawl

OK, the shawl. She wanted something to throw around her shoulders in case it got cold, (it’s a field in Essex, kid, They don’t come with central heating.) No 1 was born on 21 December 1988. She was my winter baby and the pattern for the shawl is called Snow Angel.

It is knitted in lace weight wool – I went for Rowan alpaca / merino in pure white – and has loads of little beads added into the knitting. Fortunately the pattern only requires them to be flipped onto the stitch with a crochet hook as there were about 600 beads used in total and I would have become seriously bored trying to string them onto the wool prior to knitting.

The shawl comes in four sizes – I made the second smallest (medium) which produced a perfect crescent stole. Not too big but large enough for the beauty of the lace to show through. Main problems:
1) remembering to change needles at periodic intervals
2) finding enough space to block it out after I finished it – how do my children manage to acquire so much rubbish and why do they have to spread it around my house?

Anyway, photos to follow when they become available and one final thought:



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