Christmas Knitting


I haven’t updated the blog for several weeks now. Kept meaning to do so but you know what it’s like…

Anyway, now is the Time of Great Panic when I have stuff to finish for Christmas and probably not enough time left to do so. So (philosophical question coming) is it better to have aimed way too high and not quite succeeded or played it way to safe? Not that playing it safe is an option in Woody World. It just doesn’t happen. Jump straight in with both feet and work about finding the bottom later, that’s me. It’s just that I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be super organised.

Every year I swear that I will write the Christmas cards early…and every year I end up queuing at the Post Office on the last day of posting (guess what I did yesterday). Every year I promise myself I will wrap the Christmas presents in good time, as opposed to Christmas Eve (it’s not Christmas Eve yet, I’ve got bags of time). And every year I plan to knit far more stuff than is humanly possible (so many fantastic patterns, so little time). So when does cheerful optimism become delusional?

And as for those people who manage to knit things like snowmen…


How do they have the time? I love it. It makes me smile. But how do they fit it all in???

I passed Birkbeck College in Central London last week. Someone had covered the spikes on the railings outside one of the buildings in Gordon Square in little hand-made Christmas hats. Fabulous. Made me very happy. I am so glad they did this because it brought a smile to my face.

Yarn bombing - Birkbeck Yarn bombing 2

But it still begs the question: how did somebody find the time to knit hats for railings? I have a hat to knit for Christmas – just one – and I’m struggling.

And finally, on the subject of yarn bombing, a photo from our trip to Greece on the motorbike at Easter. We saw this in Switzerland at the Rheinfall. IMGP0209

It is actually supposed to be a an art installation. Personally I think every home should have one. And it’s a seriously good way to disguise the size of your stash. (No darling, it isn’t yet more wool; it’s for the garden.)