This is the year I will…


1) Get my Christmas Knitting completed in plenty of time – unlike 2014 when I finished sewing buttons onto the cardigans I had made for Katy and Emily at 23.15 on Christmas Eve (they were even in the room but fortunately did not notice a thing). Furthermore I didn’t manage to finish Rosie’s beret until Boxing Day (which was OK as she didn’t come to see us until 27 December but it was cutting it a bit fine).

2) Destash – got to get the stash under control. This includes the Tokyo Rose kit I have had since I don’t know when (literally – I really, really don’t know when I bought it).

3) Knit gauge squares…maybe. (NB This particular resolution is likely to be broken fairly quickly.)

4) Post details and pictures of ALL of my FO on Ravelry – which I just don’t normally bother to do (the Christmas cardigans and hat, for example, have yet to make it onto Ravelry). This does mean that the socks I have recently finished (peach John Arbon Exmoor wool, lace pattern) will need to be washed (again) and photographed because I put them on a couple of days ago… Well, it was cold and I hate having cold feet.

5) Go to more yarny events – although this may lead to a slight lapse in my ability to complete resolution No. 2 successfully. (Hell, you win some, you lose some…)